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Assessment Appeals Forms Available in County Libraries

County Executive Office - Press Release


August 14, 1996
Contact: Diane Thomas

Assessment Appeals Forms Available in County Libraries

(SANTA ANA) - Orange County residents who want to appeal their property tax assessments this year can make a stop at a neighborhood library instead of joining the ranks of OC residents telephoning the appeals office for copies of the proper form.

"During the annual filing period, from July 2 - September 15, the telephone lines at the assessment appeals office in the past have become jammed with inquiries making it difficult for people to get the information and forms they need," said Darlene Bloom, who was appointed last month as clerk of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. "By making the appeals form available at all 28 County libraries, the public can get them more easily." Libraries are open evenings and weekends.

Bloom also hoped that getting the appeal materials more easily would encourage the public's early return of those papers. "Filing before the September 15 deadline will help us more efficiently process those applications and should improve the response time on the appeals," Bloom said.

In announcing her July appointment to the clerk's post, Board of Supervisors' Chairman Roger Stanton praised Bloom's history of innovation in similar positions in Fresno and Alameda Counties and anticipated the contributions she would make to the reshaping of Orange County government.