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William Popejoy, the County's Chief Executive Officer, Announces Resignation

County Executive Office - Press Release

July 12, 1995

Resignation Submitted by Bill Popejoy

(Santa Ana, CA) -
 It is with considerable personal regret that I have today submitted my resignation to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, effective July 31, 1995.

This decision is based on recent actions by the Board of Supervisors to reinvolve themselves in details of the County's administration and management of the County's bankruptcy crisis. The termination date of July 31, 1995 reflects the Supervisors stated objective of replacing the CEO with a position of less clear authority and responsibility by month's end. As elected Supervisors, they have the prerogative to take such action. However, the reinvolvement of the Board in day-to-day operation is, in my opinion, a return to the management structure which existed prior to the creation of a CEO and will not allow me or my successor to do the job that is needed to be accomplished.

Their renewed involvement in the County's administration saddens me, as a citizen, for I feel it does not serve the residents of this county well.

I wish to thank the people of Orange County for this opportunity to serve them -- serving their best interests has always been my foremost objective.

There are too many others for me to thank them all at this time, but I'll try to do so soon.

I must, however, thank Marian Bergeson, Bill Steiner, Brad Gates, Tom Uram, Mike Capizzi and the Volunteer Executive Team (V.E.T.s), who have been such a pleasure to work with.

Thanks also to the employees of Orange County who have made many sacrifices during these terrible times.

I most sincerely wish the County well; this wonderful community has long been my home and will remain so.