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County Information Now on the World Wide Web


County Executive Office - Press Release


April 25, 1995

Information Now Available on the World Wide Web Site on the Internet

- In yet another effort to make information regarding County government more accessible to citizens, Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gaddi Vasquez announced that press releases, meeting agendas, and other information will be available immediately on the World Wide Web (WWW) site on the Internet.

The County's "Web site" is available at: to any citizen with standard World Wide Web connections. "The recent explosion of the Internet and increased use of personal computers at home and in the office has made "on-line" information a priority to serve the public need for information," stated Chairman Vasquez.

The County is providing this service on a six month trial basis, based on a cooperative business agreement with Maximized Online (a division of Maximized Software, Inc.) and Network Intensive (a division of Computer Intensive, Inc.). This has allowed the County to provide this service at no cost to the County. The County of Orange becomes one of the first counties in California to provide governmental information on the World Wide Web.

"In the future, we anticipate adding additional information on budget and finance, bankruptcy information, and departmental facts," Vasquez further indicated. The County will be responsive to suggestions to the County's E-mail address: The Internet and the World Wide Web are such a new medium that its growth is an evolutionary process and the County will evolve as it does. "It is the County's hope that this expansion onto the Internet will increase responsiveness and availability of county government to its citizens," Vasquez stated.