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Virtual County Application Demonstration

County Executive Office - Press Release

February 8, 2001

Contact: Diane Thomas

Virtual County Application Demonstration

(Santa Ana) - The County of Orange is taking its first steps into e-recruiting for new employees. And tomorrow morning, Supervisor Todd Spitzer will demonstrate the County's new virtual job application with Santiago Canyon College students at 11 a.m., February 9 at Santiago Canyon College, Room U118. SCC President Mark Rocha will participate in the hands-on demo.

 "It's fast and efficient," said Spitzer. "The virtual job application provides an easier, more time-efficient way to apply for County jobs and gives us the potential for ongoing, nationwide recruitment for all jobs via the Internet."

The demonstration will feature a detailed look at the application and virtual recruitment techniques. Technology and human resources experts will be available for Q & A.

The virtual job application is the County's first major step toward e-recruitment in the job market. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (, 90 percent of job seekers are employed; 80 percent of them have access to the Internet. The virtual job application will make it easier for the County to reach those job seekers.

WHO: Supervisor Todd Spitzer and representatives from the County and SCC
WHAT: New Virtual Employment Application
WHERE: Santiago Community College, Room U118
WHEN: 11 a.m., Friday, February 9