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Neal Kelley Appointed Registrar

County Executive Office - Press Release

April 25, 2006

Contact: Diane Thomas-Plunk

Neal Kelley Appointed Registrar

(Santa Ana, CA) Neal Kelley, acting Registrar of Voters since August, 2005, has been appointed as the Registrar by County Executive Officer Thomas G. Mauk. The appointment is effective today.

Kelley joined the County as Chief Deputy Registrar in May, 2004 and stepped in as Acting Registrar the following year.

“”Neal led us through an historic round of federal, state and local elections – including the 2004 Presidential election – which resulted in the processing of more than two million voters,” said Mauk. “His business acumen and motivational skills have paid off with a smoothly running department that produces excellent results. We’re also grateful for the strong leadership and guidance of the Board of Supervisors which play a key role in producing efficient, accurate elections.”

Kelley was awarded the 2005 Election Center’s Best Practices award for outstanding poll worker recruitment program. He was also recognized by the California State Association of Counties for innovative marketing programs.

Kelley received his Bachelor of Science degree in business and management from the University of Redlands and his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

Prior to joining the County, Kelley developed two companies of his own, served for three years as an officer with the San Bernardino Police Department and was an adjunct professor with Riverside Community College’s Business Administration Department.

Kelley’s salary will be $130,000.