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County Opens Business Recovery Center

County Executive Office - Press Release

April 3, 2006

Contact: Diane Thomas-Plunk


County Opens Business Recovery Center

(Santa Ana, CA) The County of Orange has completed one of its early steps in the wide-ranging process of business continuity planning. A business recovery center is now open at the County’s Data Center at 1400 South Grand Avenue in Santa Ana.

“Most events that impact a department or agency’s ability to work are small in scope,” said Satish Ajmani, Chief Information Officer. “These incidents might result from a localized power outage, building fire or interruption of service at the Data Center. The business recovery center is designed as an outstation for staff to continue necessary business.”

The business recovery center is equipped with 12 work stations fitted with telephones, computers and access to mainframe applications, Internet and Intranet, and email when requested.

If, for instance, the Social Services Agency’s building lost electricity, social workers could be relocated to the business recovery center and continue providing services to welfare clients. Auditor-Controller staff could continue payroll preparation, and Human Resources staff could access employee records. The Auditor-Controller’s Office worked with Information/Technology staff to test the facility’s usability.

“I’m very pleased with this successful first step,” said County Executive Officer Thomas G. Mauk. “Small scale, short duration events are the most frequent interruptions our departments face in ensuring continued service the public. The business recovery center provides excellent, remote office space so we can continue to do our work and provide services to the residents of Orange County.”