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2005 Strategic Financial Plan Workshop Set for April 12

County Executive Office - Press Release

April 8, 2005

Contact: Diane Thomas-Plunk

2005 Strategic Financial Plan Workshop Set for April 12

(Santa Ana, CA) – The Orange County Board of Supervisors will hold a special workshop at 1:30 p.m., April 12 to consider the 2005 Strategic Financial Plan. The workshop will be held in the Board Hearing Room at the Hall of Administration, 10 Civic Center Plaza, first floor, Santa Ana.

Chief Financial Officer Ed Corser will present an overview of the Strategic Financial Plan. He will also discuss the County’s ongoing examination of retiree medical costs and the possible impact from the enhanced retirement benefit. The re-funding of bankruptcy recovery bonds will also be a topic. Budget Manager Steve Dunivent will talk about the upcoming 2005-2006 budget. The third speaker will be Chris Swanson, from Government Finance Research Group, who will discuss progress in developing a computerized financial model that will provide quick responses to the input of various financial scenarios.

Dunivent will also update the Board on last year’s 10 Strategic Priorities:

1.   CAPS Replacement
2.   Credit and Debt Management Strategy
3A. District Attorney High Tech Crime Unit
3B. Identity Theft, District Attorney
4    Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness
5.   Affordable Housing
6.   Los Pinos Wastewater Mitigation
7.   Youth and Family Resource Centers
8.   Preventive Maintenance
9.   Water Quality and Watershed Protection
10. 800 MHz CCCS Upgrade

Budget staff will ask the Board to continue or enact the following policies:

  • Call for another year of level budgets to be submitted by departments.
  • Approve the use of County reserves to pay $28 million in property tax shift by the State.
  • Continue position that there will be no backfill to departments that experience program cuts from the State.