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Online Assessment Appeal Services Offered

County Executive Office - Press Release

June 30, 2003

Contact: Diane Thomas

Online Assessment Appeal Services Offered

(Santa Ana) - Orange County residents can challenge their property values by filing an appeal between July 2 and September 15. The Clerk of the Board now offers easy-to-use, password-secured, online filing for county residents at

The Clerk’s interactive online process allows individuals to accurately complete their applications with online help by answering a few, simple, profile questions and selecting a log-on name and password. It simplifies the process and eliminates worries about using the correct form or being rejected for not completing the form correctly. The program helps users finalize their submissions, stores the information for future use, and prints the form with a reminder of anything that needs to be attached before mailing it to the Clerk of the Board’s Office. The secured area also allows users to track their appeals throughout the process. Once an appeal is received, the system will notify the user, provide a schedule of appeal hearings and make notification when the Board has determined the value.

“ We are the first in the state, and I believe in the nation, to offer our community an opportunity to handle their property assessment business around-the-clock,” said Darlene Bloom, Clerk of the Board. “Not only can individuals file their appeals accurately online, but the data is automatically gathered for us as well--a win-win opportunity for everyone.”

Individuals can pre-register with the Clerk of the Board’s office, receive a security access number and actually file their appeals online this year. Other assessment appeal information, forms and information about upcoming workshops including “How to Prepare for Your Hearing” are also available on the Clerk of the Board’s website at Clerk of the Board