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Family Resource Center To Be Introduced to Midway City

County Executive Office - Press Release

January 8, 2001

Contact: Christina Hiatt
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Family Resource Center To Be Introduced to Midway City

(Santa Ana) - Family resource centers (FRCs) are built on the needs of the families in their communities. To introduce Midway City’s families to FRCs, Orange County Supervisor Charles V. Smith will host a town hall meeting from 6 - 8 p.m., January 10 at the Midway City Community Center, 14400 Park Lane, Midway City, 92655.

The town hall meeting is the beginning of a community outreach project designed to bring service providers and Midway City families together. "It is the first step to building a family resource center," said Smith.

FRCs are multi-service sites that offer social and health services from public and private organizations.”These centers have the potential to improve lives and the tools to change a community and its families,” said Smith.

Each FRC is unique to its community or neighborhood. Some of the typical FRC programs include:
  • Child care and youth services
  • Parent involvement and education
  • Health and mental health services
  • Computer and technology classes
  • Employment services
  • Pregnancy and abstinence programs
A family resource center in Midway City is Smith’s vision. “Our goal is for the initial planning of the FRC to be a natural outgrowth of  the $75,000 capacity building grant from the Children and Families First Commission of Orange County (Proposition 10).”  Smith also serves as chairman of that commission.

The Commission’s Capacity Building Grants are allocated to organizations that will use the funds to plan and develop new services for children under the age of five and their families.  The Midway City Community Organization, Inc. received a $75,000 allocation on December 20, 2000 to assist the Midway City Community Center develop a comprehensive Family Resource Center.  The Midway City FRC will provide services to families in the community including child development programs that will prepare children to be ready to learn when they enter school.  In addition, the grant will expand the existing preschool program by developing a new toddler program.

"This opportunity will help increase outreach to the community," said Smith.  "We want the young families there to know about the services available to them and make those services easy to access."

Featured at the meeting will be a presentation on the family resource center concept and the capacity building grant.

"Our goal is to have as many children and families as possible achieve their full potential as members of society," said Smith. "The family resource center concept is fundamental to making this happen in Midway City."