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Board Gives Voters a Choice in November

County Executive Office - Press Release

August 8, 2000

CONTACT: James Campbell

Board Gives Voters a Choice in November

(Santa Ana) – Supervisor Chuck Smith today supported a ballot measure that offers an option to Measure H, a proposal that commits all future tobacco litigation proceeds to healthcare, tobacco use prevention and public safety.  “Initiative G will work because it’s simply good government,” said Smith, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.The Board this morning approved placement of Measure G on the November ballot.

Created by Treasurer-Tax Collector John Moorlach, Measure G will allocate tobacco proceeds to these categories, but will also help pay down bankruptcy debt that now costs the County approximately $100 million each year.

“Without the obligation of these high debt payments, more of the County’s budget could be opened up to meet our other pressing obligations,” said Smith.  “By taking a serious approach to retiring bankruptcy debt, Measure G will help ensure a healthy economic future for the County.

“I want to thank Treasurer Moorlach for bringing forward this well thought out plan.  I also want to thank Supervisor Cynthia P. Coad for her ongoing involvement in and support for this issue.  Supervisor Jim Silva’s support, as a staunch fiscal conservative, also reinforces the good economic sense of Measure G.  The Orange County Taxpayers Association and many individuals should also be commended for their efforts to make sure the voters have a choice in November,” said Smith.

“By sticking to this fiscally conservative approach, the County will be able to reduce its debt and tend to other needs such as overcrowded facilities, urban runoff, the pressing need for more low-income housing and unmet healthcare needs,” he said.