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Library has Record Year

County Executive Office - Press Release

July 27, 2000

Contact: Dani Porter

Library Has Record Year

The Orange County Public Library (OCPL) recently announced a record-breaking milestone for the library--over six million items were circulated throughout the 28-branch system during the County's fiscal year ending June 30, 2000.

County Librarian John Adams noted, "We are very pleased to see that responsive purchasing decisions have translated into a record year. In giving patrons what they want we were able to circulate 6,037,146 items, even though we installed 400 new computer workstations with Internet and database access during the same period. Even with new technology, people are now checking out more books than ever."

While library patrons of yesterday could check out books and magazines, today's library customer also has access to compact discs, videos, audiobooks, and DVDs. To respond to a growing need for materials in non-English languages to serve the area's diverse population, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Farsi language collections are now part of the mix, with books, magazines, newspapers, videos, cassettes, and books on audiocassettes offered at various branch locations.

Overall, OCPL's borrowing rate ranks among the highest in California for library systems serving 500,000 or more, with the equivalent of every person in the Library's service area borrowing 4.4 items annually. In addition, children's materials represent 40 percent of the total circulation, reflecting OCPL's continued efforts to serve the needs of the children in this community.

The library also had its busiest year ever with a record attendance of 5,325,565 visitors, or more than three visits per person for the year. In increasing numbers, people also hooked up with librarians to get answers to all kinds of questions -- from the everyday to the extraordinary--as OCPL librarians answered more than 1.5 million questions in 1999.

Service hours have also been increased at several libraries, and eight branches are now open seven days a week.

Libraries aren't what they used to be; they're much better. To see what OCPL has for you, please visit the branch nearest you.