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Laguna Beach Library Gets New Computers

County Executive Office - Press Release


January 25, 2000
Contact: Dani Porter

Laguna Beach Library Gets New Computers

Twelve new computers have been added for patron use at the Laguna Beach Branch of the Orange County Public Library.

Recognizing the need for updated computer hardware, the library system is undergoing an electronic facelift, switching from a text-based computer system to the more popular, graphics-based Windows system. The Laguna Beach Branch installed 12 workstations, including six with Internet access and six for library public access catalog use.

The new computers provide patrons with a more user-friendly face to search the library's holdings, and offer features such as best seller lists and a patron profile system to check library records. In addition, more workstations will provide better access to the library's online database subscriptions, which offer a wealth of information on a variety of subjects including business, health, and literature.

According to County Librarian John Adams, "we recently learned that public libraries are the number one point of online access for people without Internet connections at home, school, or work, and in keeping with the new information technology, we are working to provide the most up-to-date equipment and expertise."

On the new computers, Laguna Beach Branch Manager Marianna Hof had these thoughts to share; "Some things just don't change. Walk into the Laguna Beach Library and you'll always be able to enjoy beautiful ocean and hill views and receive some of the finest reference service in Orange County. But many things do change. Technology is booming at the Laguna Beach Library. This week six new Windows-based public catalogs were installed as well as a total of six public Internet workstations. At the click of a mouse, library users are now able to access a complete listing of materials owned the Orange County Public Library system; full-text magazine articles; business, literature and health databases; a national phone directory, and the University of California's library holdings. At the same time the library is leaping technologically into the new millennium, it is also allotting significantly more money this year for print materials. All in all, the library book is holding its own, but times are a-changing. Decades ago, even the card catalogue must have seemed a startling invention," Hof noted.

The Orange County Public Library system will soon have nearly 400 new Windows-based personal computers installed throughout 27 branch libraries.