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Will The Assessor Review My Property

Taxpayers can visit the Assessor website at to see if their property will be reviewed for a possible reduction in taxable value.

The Assessor will review about 317,000 properties, including most single family, multi-family (apartment), condominium and townhouse properties purchased after December 31, 2001.

The website provides a specific answer for each property that may be in the review group.

Commercial property is also being reviewed, however, commercial property information is not available using this inquiry capability.

Each property owner will get a notice of their Prop. 13 value by July 23, 2010. The deadline for filing an Assessment Appeal on a 2010 taxable value is September 15, 2010.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on the website will answer most inquiries from taxpayers on this subject.

Do I have to pay to have my property reviewed? There is no fee and no paperwork is required. Taxpayers should be very careful not to pay up to $150 for a service that the Assessor will provide for free.

Visit the Assessor website at, or if you have any questions you can call (714) 834-2727.