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June 27, 2017  Spitzer Urges D.A.’s Office Victim Employees to Report Sexual Misconduct as Found by the OC Grand Jury to OC Fraud Hotline(Orange County, CA) – Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Third District, responded to the newly released Orange County Grand Jury Report, “Another Hostile Work Environment? Orange County District Attorney Bureau of Investigation” by urging victim employees of the District Attorney’s office to call the County Fraud Hotline and the Board of Supervisors to adopt a Grand Jury recommendation to appoint an independent investigator to examine why the OCDA and County Human Resources Services are not being used to report misconduct in the OCDA office. ( View PDF )

June 8, 2017  OC Drowning Prevention Task Force Summer KickoffSupervisor Todd Spitzer led members of the OC Drowning Prevention Task Force at the Summer Kickoff press event at McFadden Square in Newport Beach on Thursday, June 1st. Supervisor Spitzer serves as Public Safety Outreach chair for the task force this year.
May 23, 2017  Supervisor Todd Spitzer Requests U.S. Attorney General Takeover: Orange County District Attorney is Jeopardizing Our Legal System

(Santa Ana, CA) – Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Third District, is requesting U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take emergency action by consent decree over the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Click here to see the letter to Attorney General.

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