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Third District offices get much-needed repairs

(Santa Ana, CA) - After more than a decade without repairs, painting or environmental upgrades, the offices of newly sworn-in Supervisor Todd Spitzer are being retrofitted. In fact, some of the wall coverings dated to the building’s original construction more than forty years ago.

“After many years, work was needed to bring the office up to current standards and add technology, bringing our district into the 21st century,” said Mike Johnson, Chief of Staff for the Third District, Board of Supervisors.

Using around $14,500 (including labor) in facilities maintenance funds, workers removed defunct blinds, removed wallpaper, painted and patched walls, and repaired and re-stained office woodwork.

Electrical and lighting upgrades were accomplished using around $9,400 (including labor) in district funds as part of a countywide effort to replacing energy-inefficient legacy lighting systems with energy efficient lighting, resulting in an expected decrease in power consumption of 60 percent. Under the same budget, conference room improvements were made including adding a television monitor and laptop for video-conferencing and presentations.

In addition, safety outlets were installed and about $850 was spent on plumbing improvements in the district restroom.

“These office improvements were a long time coming,” said Johnson. “In order to be as transparent as possible, we wanted to be open about our repairs – and to ask our visitors to please excuse the temporary construction.”