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Spitzer calls for Third District Public Hearings on Violence

Supervisor Spitzer says a public discussion is needed after recent OC shootings

(Orange County, CA) — For the second time in a month, Orange County's communities have been terrorized with violence, leading Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer to call for Third District Public Hearings on Violence, his office announced today.

"It's time to come together as a community to address the violence," Spitzer said. "I've talked to too many friends and neighbors who are living in fear, and it has to stop. That's why I'm calling for public hearings where we can discuss solutions including addressing our mental health system, our public policy as it relates to drug abuse and family violence, and any other causes of violence which need to be explored."

Spitzer represents the third supervisorial district, which includes the cities of Irvine and Tustin where innocent victims of separate recent shootings were killed, and Villa Park where yesterday's shooter took his life.

Spitzer said the recent violence calls for a larger discussion, not snap judgments regarding gun control.

"This is not about gun control. I have been a member of the NRA, and I have been recognized by pro-2nd Amendment groups," Spitzer said. "I'm calling on these groups to be a part of this discussion, which we must have to hear from experts and members of the community to find solutions."

As a former police officer and prosecutor, Spitzer knows the public safety challenges facing law enforcement. Spitzer also has a long record of standing up for crime victims. He led the successful campaign to pass Marsy's Law for All, the nation's most comprehensive victims' Bill of Rights.