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Orange County Sheriff's Department to Debut Attorney Portal on OCSD Web Site at Supervisor Todd Spitzer's Urging

Orange County, CA – Today, July 5, 2013, will mark the official debut of the Attorney Portal on the web site. This Attorney Portal marks a great stride in the ability for attorneys to access vital information regarding Orange County inmates right from their computers or hand held devices. Previously, this information was removed from the OCSD website in order to protect inmates with sensitive charges from becoming victims of assault by other inmates.

A few months ago, Supervisor Todd Spitzer brought to the attention of the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) the need for such an Attorney Portal directly on their web site through the "Who's In Jail" section. He noted that on the web site, bail bond providers have long had the ability to register and then log in with a password in order to obtain immediate inmate information. “This information is also pertinent for attorneys to be able to access when working on a case or representing a victim of a crime," Supervisor Spitzer noted.

After meetings with OCSD representatives, Spitzer was able to discuss with them his idea for such an Attorney Portal on the OCSD web site. Sheriff Hutchens is pleased to open this portal today to all attorneys with a Bar Number. To register, attorneys will be asked to input basic information, including their CA Bar Number. Once the Sheriff's Department is able to verify all information, the registering attorney will receive an email with a password and log-in information.

The Sheriff's Department is currently working with the California State Bar so that this registration/access process will soon be seamless. In a couple of months the State Bar will be able to interface directly with the Sheriff's Department Information Technology (IT) Department so that the verification of an attorney's Bar Number is immediate, and immediate registration and access may be given to the Attorney Portal. In the meantime, the Sheriff's Department will continue to verify registering attorneys' Bar Numbers and will be able to grant access to inmate information usually within an anticipated 24 hours.

"The ability for attorneys to now access needed inmate information immediately is crucial and will provide a much needed service to attorneys moving forward," Spitzer said.