Water Quality & Clean Beaches

The County’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the state. Unfortunately polluted urban runoff presents water quality problems at some of our beaches. Poche Beach in San Clemente is posted for high bacteria during the dry season. The potential health and safety impacts are a problem for beach-goers. The bacteria come from urban runoff flowing out of the Prima Deshecha channel. A recent scientific study showed that the source of these bacteria comes from the upper watershed. This means that the long-term solution is a watershed approach.

In the short-term, to reduce or eliminate the postings, new technology will be used just upstream from Poche Beach. The County’s Watershed & Coastal Resources Division is currently building the Ultraviolet Light or UV Bacteria Disinfection System. Once this project is complete, most if not all of the bacteria reaching the beach will be eliminated. I applaud the efforts of County staff and our partners including the City of San Clemente.