Commission to End Homelessness

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The Commission to End Homelessness works in collaboration with the County government, 34 city governments, business sector, philanthropic organizations, community organizations, faith-based organizations, health care, public safety and other interested stakeholders to promote an effective response to homelessness within Orange County. The Director of Care Coordination works with commission members to focus on regional policy and implementation strategies, affordable housing development, data and gaps analysis, best practice research, social policy, and systemic change.

Agendas and other materials for the Commission to End Homelessness meetings are listed below:





 November 20, 2019          PDF  MP3
 September 18, 2019  Notice of Cancellation
 August 12, 2019 Special Meeting  PDF  PDF  MP3
 July 17, 2019  PDF  PDF  MP3
 May 1, 2019  PDF  PDF  MP3
 March 20, 2019  PDF  PDF  MP3
 February 25, 2019  Special Meeting      PDF  PDF  MP3 
 January 16, 2019  PDF  PDF  
 November 29, 2018  PDF  PDF  
 October 4, 2018  PDF