Application Portfolio Management

A summary of this initiative is outlined in the table below:


Business Alignment


Application Portfolio Management

This project addresses the business need to identify the business applications in use by the County in a centralized, self-service database inventory. APM can assist in reducing costs; aligning IT with business; making accurate funding decisions on future applications; and prioritizing IT/business goals, all of which contribute to strategic planning and effective Enterprise Architecture.

The Office of the Performance Audit Report recommended that CEO/IT develop an action plan for managing the Countywide IT Application Portfolio, ensuring that key applications are identified and managed through the asset life cycle. The purpose is to provide County IT and Business leaders with a clear picture of IT application assets and the costs of maintaining and replacing them.

FY 11-12

  1. Establish initial requirements for County APM.
  2. Establish a centralized application repository
  3. Establish roadmap for:
  4. Governance/maintenance rules
  5. Defining APM and business objectives
  6. Implement the Application Self-Service Portal
FY 12-13
  1. Build Application Portfolio awareness with IT Governance Groups
  2. Develop reports to facilitate EA-related decisions