Cloud Productivity Solutions

A summary of this initiative is outlined in the table below:


Business Alignment


Cloud Productivity Solutions

Cloud Computing is a newer service delivery option associated with the provision of IT Infrastructure (Hardware and Software) via the “Cloud”. This project will review the implementation of Desktop productivity Cloud Software as a Service options including Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

The cost of employees having software productivity tools (e.g., Microsoft Office) loaded on their individual workstations can be costly.

Cloud solutions are a viable alternative to provide software to users via a web address. This model needs to be reviewed to see if it is a cost-effective solution for the County.

FY 11-12

  1. After completing an initial cost analysis, due to the potential cost savings available, the project team recommends moving forward with a pilot product evaluation for Cloud-based Email services.
  2. The IT Executive Council approved the technical evaluation team proceed with the pilot project to perform an in-depth evaluation of Cloud-based Email services. CEO/IT and Agency/IT representatives will perform the POC.
FY 12-13
  1. The results of the POC will be published and a recommendation made as to how to proceed.
  2. CEO/IT will continue to gain knowledge on industry-wide Cloud technology practices.