Enterprise Architecture

A summary of this initiative is outlined in the table below:


Business Alignment


Enterprise Architecture

The role of EA is to enable business by aligning strategic business objectives with IT. The EA project seeks to educate business and IT leaders on the meaning of Enterprise Architecture and the roles played by both business and IT in enabling EA in the County.

EA can provide an approach for:

  • Building stronger relationships between business and IT, ensuring IT meets business needs
  • Establishing a collaborative environment in which to share information and decision strategies concerning business and IT solutions

FY 11-12

  1. Conduct EA workshops to educate Business & IT Leaders
  2. Finalize Core EA Principles
  3. Build on foundation of organizational awareness through the established IT Governance groups; specifically, the IT Executive Council.
FY 12-13
  1. Engage with IT Executive Council to determine a County EA approach and roadmap.
  2. Determine ongoing funding model.