Identity and Access Management

A summary of this initiative is outlined in the table below:


Business Alignment


Identity and Access Management

This project will provide recommendations and a roadmap for the implementation of a Countywide Identity Management and Access Management solution. The solution will:

  • Provide a single Countywide directory of all County IT system users
  • Control user access to County applications and systems in a uniform manner
  • Allow users a self-service function for the ongoing maintenance of passwords and accurate contact information
  • Provide Regulatory Compliance capabilities and reporting

This will address recent external audit findings, security assessments, operational review, regulatory changes, and the work of the Security Steering Group has highlighted that the County does not have effective control over which users have access to which systems. With much staff movement, the County also lacks an integrated, accurate and timely user directory. This system will also help meet Regulatory requirements; e.g., HIPAA.

FY 11-12

  1. IT Executive Council approved Countywide Provisioning and De-Provisioning Policy.
  2. The Team approved a Project Charter and plan to deploy Open IAM Countywide in FY 11-12.
  3. The implementation of Open IAM will be funded via FY 2011-12 Fund 038 Data Development budget in the amount of $420,000 (approved in FY 11-12 Budget cycle).
FY 12-13
  1. Objectives and deliverables for the FY 2012-2013 project phase of Identity Management have been identified and an ISR will be submitted for this project phase. Use of the directory with additional enterprise/agency applications, and implementation of Single Sign- On has been proposed.
  2. A Rate will be developed for on-going maintenance and support IAM solution.