IT Sourcing Initiative

A summary of this initiative is outlined in the table below:


Business Alignment


IT Sourcing Initiative

The objective of this initiative is to develop a cost-effective IT Managed Services model that is suited to the County’s business needs and contract with a vendor(s) to provide these services. CEO/IT is leading this effort through an RFP process, with participation from County Agency and Department representatives. It is anticipated that the County will transition to the new Managed Services model during FY 12-13. The key difference from the current model is that the focus will be on ensuring results (achieving service level requirements) rather than managing resources (purchasing resource hours).

Given Countywide expenditures for ongoing IT services, as well as budgetary pressures, CEO/IT is leading this initiative to find the most cost-effective means to deliver high-quality IT services to our customers. This initiative will address the following business goals:

  • Provide cost-effective IT service delivery
  • Redirect IT expenditures to programs and business operations
  • Provide technology capability to meet business needs

FY 11-12

  • Develop Scope of Work for Utility Services and Voice and Data Converged Network Services
  • Issue Request for Proposal
  • Evaluate proposals and recommend Vendors for Best and Final Offer (BAFO) process to the IT Sourcing Committees.
  • Perform due diligence and BAFO process
  • Award Managed Services contracts
FY 12-13
  • Transition to new Managed Service model
  • Implement Converged Voice and Data Network