Land Development

    The Land Development team is focused on identifying and advancing opportunities to establish both long-term and interim revenue streams from vacant and underutilized County and Flood Control District owned real estate.  Following on the Board of Supervisors’ preference to retain ownership of County real estate assets, the team aims to establish Public/Private Partnerships (P3s) that often involve negotiating long term ground lease transactions that result in dependable, long term revenue streams to the General Fund, ultimately benefitting the Orange County taxpayer.  After establishment of a P3, the team typically works in close contact with the Development Partner and often other public agencies to secure the requisite land use approvals and permits prior to the construction of the project.  You may contact Service Manager Gail Dennis (714) 834-7456.

    Land Development Team

    Gail Dennis, CEO Real Estate Land Development Manager
    James Campbell
    Zoila Finch
    Zac Henson
    Yasie Malek