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Attend a Retiree Health Benefits Orientation

Prospective or new retirees are strongly encouraged to attend a Retiree Health Benefits Orientation.  This orientation is conducted by the Office of Human Resource Services, Employee Benefits Division and will provide you with important information on  retiree health plan options, requirements, and the enrollment process.  It will explain what you need to know and  what you need to do to ensure that you transition from an active employee to a County of Orange Retiree is as smooth as possible. The Retiree Health Benefits Orientations are scheduled for the first Monday of each month, unless it is a holiday.

Retiree Health Benefits Orientation will be at 1:00 p.m., at 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Planning & Commission Room, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

(*) indicates change in regular meeting date
Tuesday, January 3rd* 
Monday, February 6th
Monday, March 6th
Monday, April 3rd
Monday, May 1st
Monday, June 5th
Tuesday, July 3rd
Monday, August 7th
Tuesday, September 5th*
Monday, October 2nd
Monday, November 6th
Monday, December 4th

Historical Retiree Rates and Grant 2007-2009

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* The information in these plan comparisons and enrollment guides is only an overview of benefit plans available to you. The plan documents and insurance policies for each plan provide the detailed, legal information about your coverage. If there is any difference between these comparisons and/or enrollment guides and the plan documents or insurance policies, the plan documents and insurance policies will govern. Individual Plan Documents and Insurance Policies can be obtained on the Benefits Center Website under "Resource Materials", select "Documents and Forms.