County EEO Coordinators

Department Name Telephone Number
Assessor Shawn Weiske 714-834-2833
Auditor Controller Hilda Garcia 714-834-2353
Child Support Services Diane Greek 714-347-5974
Clerk of the Board Cynthia Munoz 714-834-3259
County Clerk Recorder Hilda Garcia 714-834-2353
County Counsel Donald Browder 714-834-7355
County Executive Office Ann Gonzalez 714-834-2838
District Attorney Madai Chavez 714-347-8440
Health Care Agency Jennifer Canzoneri 714-834-2869
John Wayne Airport Paul Wright 949-252-5180
OC Community Resources Colette Farnes 714-480-2858
OC Public Works Marc Gallonio 714-667-9601
OC Waste & Recycling Ann Barlow 714-834-3337
Office of Independent Review Candace Alas 714-834-7304
OCERS (Orange County Employees Retirement System) Cynthia Hockless 714-558-6230
Performance Audit Candace Alas 714-834-7304
Probation Dianne Martinez 714-645-7030
Public Defender
  (includes Associate & Alternate Defender)

Sandy Zirtzman


Registrar of Voters Emma Tameez 714-834-7390
Sheriff-Coroner Richard Sanchez 714-834-5111
Social Services Agency Jeff Griffin 714-541-7771
Treasurer-Tax Collector Cynthia Munoz 714-834-3259