Management Pay-for-Performance Program (P4P)

Administrative Management

P4P - Pay-for-Performance Planning and Appraisal Form

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P4P - Rating Criteria

P4P - Program Highlights

P4P - Training

P4P - Tips

Probation Form

  • Please refer to Article II of the Administrative Management Unit Memorandum of Understanding.
  • This form is separate from the P4P evaluation process and is only to be used for documenting an Administrative Manager's (I, II, III or III Specialty) performance during his/her probationary period.
  • The final Probation Approval document will be placed in the manager's personnel file.
  • If you have any questions please contact your Agency/Department Human Resources Team. Click here for Human Resources Contacts.

    Download - Probation Form

Law Enforcement Management

 P4P - Pay-for-Performance Planning and Appraisal Form

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P4P - Rating Criteria

Additional Management Resources