High performance in every role starts with the manager consistently communicating expectations, the purpose of the role, a clear understanding of priorities, and objective targets for improvement and growth. This communication helps employees understand what is expected of them and why. For this reason, meaningful and consistent conversations that include feedback about performance and are focused on growth, are vital for continued engagement and the foundation of performance management. Research shows that when a manager focuses on developing their employees and sets expectations, performance, commitment and retention are all positively affected. When we engage in effective performance management, we are better able to carry out our County’s mission.

To support you in this endeavor, there are a variety of resources in place to aid managers throughout the performance management process. In addition to the tools and resources provided, in-person and online training is offered on an ongoing basis to support key milestones and activities. You can register for or launch these sessions using Training Partner, search keyword: P4Pt. Topics include:

  • P4Pt Process Overview
  • Performance Planning & Setting Priorities
  • Providing Impactful Feedback
  • Providing Ongoing Coaching
  • Conducting the Mid-Cycle Checkpoint
  • Preparing for the Final Review

For additional questions or support, please contact your department’s HR team.