To help you find better and easier ways to commute to work, the County of Orange Human Resource Services created the OC Rideshare Program for County of Orange and Superior Court employees.

Learn about various rideshare modes through this program website, the quarterly OC Commuter newsletters, special rideshare events, and the display rack materials located throughout the County.

The Incentive Programs can get you started or keep you ridesharing. Use an application or form to register or to request assistance.  Read the OC Rideshare Program Guidelines for a complete description of all incentives and services.

Check current traffic, weather, route planning maps and more on the commuter assistance page.  For your convenience, we have included useful links to public transit sites, traffic, weather, mapping and other commuter assistance materials. 

The OC Rideshare Program essentials, PowerPoint presentations, posters and handouts are included in the Manager’s Rideshare Tools page.

How to Reach Us
Employees can send an e-mail to Rideshare@ocgov.com or leave a message at 714-647-1931. You can also send information to the OC Rideshare Office, 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Bldg. 10, 1st Floor at the Civic Center.