Applications & Forms

Use these to learn about the OC Rideshare Program, apply for incentives or services and to enroll in on-going programs.

  • Carpool / Vanpool Match List - Use this for instructions on accessing the list of fellow employees that are looking for a carpool or vanpool match.

  • All-in-One Form - Use this form to register or apply for the following incentives:
    • Carpool Classifieds – add yourself or request a carpool or vanpool matchlist
    • Try Train/Bus – reimbursement program for new train/bus riders
    • Start A New Vanpool – reimbursement program for new vanpool groups
    • Get Charged Up – reimbursement program for new EV and PHEV drivers
    • Club Rideshare – bonus program for employees that start carpooling, walking, biking, etc., to work