Carpool/Vanpool Classifieds

The Carpool/Vanpool Classifieds is a list of County and Superior Court employees that are looking for fellow employees that want to share the ride to work. Employees voluntarily contact co-workers to discuss carpool or vanpool arrangements. Click HERE for more information about both of these rideshare modes.

County employees can view the listing posted on the County's INTRANET site in the "Making a Difference" section.  Once there, click on "Rideshare - County Carpool-Vanpool Classifieds List".

Superior Court and County employees that do not have access to the County’s INTRANET site can contact the OC Rideshare Office to request a printout of the listing section that applies.

If you would like to be added to the Carpool/Vanpool Classifieds, please complete and return an All-In-One form.

You can also register to be listed in a regional database that includes interested employees from companies in the surrounding areas. Visit or or dial 511 to register.