Incentive Programs

How we all commute to work impacts local traffic, air quality and often our stress levels. To help you find better and easier ways to commute from home to work, CEO Human Resource Services created the OC Rideshare Program described below. For complete details, go to the Applications & Forms tab.

  • START CARPOOLING — To help you find the right commuting partner, we’ll add you to the Carpool/Vanpool Match List on the secure IntraOC. With this tool, you can contact others interested in carpooling or vanpooling from your specific area or along your commute route. 

  • Also, with the Start-A-Vanpool program, you could be eligible for a $300 incentive when you lease an authorized vanpool vehicle.

  • START RIDING THE TRAIN OR BUS — With the Try-Transit-On-Us program, you’ll be reimbursed for 75%, then 50%, then 25% of your ticket price if you send us proof of purchase once a month for the first three months!

  • PAY FOR BUS, TRAIN, OR VANPOOL FARES WITH PRE-TAX DOLLARS —Purchase transit or vanpool “tickets” through a payroll deduction and reduce your taxable income by up to $255 each month. Simply enroll in the Commuter Choice Program and save!

  • GO ELECTRIC – Need a nudge to purchase or lease an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle? Do and you may be eligible for a $100 incentive through the Get-A-Charge-On-Us program.


  • JOIN THE CLUB! — It’s easy! If you carpool, vanpool, take the train or bus, bike or walk to work you can register for Club Rideshare.  Members are eligible for monthly drawings, merchant discounts and other contests plus a monthly e-Bulletin that highlights additional discounts, alerts and fun things for rideshare participants. You may also be eligible for a $40 incentive when you register and a $15 incentive when you renew annually.

  • EMERGENCY RIDE HOME — If an emergency arises on a day that you rideshare to work, catch a ride using any transportation service. Send in your receipt and you could be eligible for reimbursement of that cost.
  • DO YOU LIVE IN THE INLAND EMPIRE? — Whether you’re thinking about starting to rideshare, or you already are, you may be eligible for one or more of IE Commuter Incentives! These incentives are offered by RCTC and SBCTA (not County of Orange sponsored programs) to employees that reside in either San Bernardino or Riverside County.