Online Fraud Reporting

The County of Orange utilizes an independent third party provider, Compliance Concepts, Inc., to receive complaints and allegations. The online report form allows you to identify yourself or to remain anonymous, if you so wish. Once the complaint form report is completed by the County's independent third party provider an email report is sent to the Internal Audit Department for appropriate action. The Internal Audit Department will investigate all complaints received related to fraud, waste, and abuse.

In order to process your complaint, a minimum amount of information is needed. Please ensure that you have the following information before contacting the hotline:

  • When (or approximately) the incident occurred – date, time, and place of the occurrence(s).
  • Who was involved – person(s) (positions are helpful, if applicable) or other person or persons who may be aware of the fraud.
  • Where the alleged incident occurred – agency or department, if applicable, and location.
  • What the alleged incident is – full description of events reported.
  • How the alleged incident was committed.

Click the following link to submit a claim on-line:

If you wish to submit information in writing, please use refer to the information needed above and mail to: Fraud Documentation, Orange County Fraud Hotline, Internal Audit Department, 12 Civic Center Plaza, Room 232, Santa Ana, CA 92701. You can also fax the form to (714) 834-2880.