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call (714) 347-0595


·         General auction information may be obtained by calling the Real Property Section of the Orange County Public Administrator/Guardian at (714) 347-0595.  You can also request information by emailing Photos of Real Property listings are available click here.


·         Open oral bidding (auction) will be conducted until the highest net bidder is determined.  The oral bid, to be acceptable, must be put in writing and the appropriate deposit presented.  Sealed bids, accompanied with deposit may be submitted on forms provided by the Public Administrator / Public Guardian (PA/PG) in advance of the sale date and time, but are not required if you attend the auction.  The PA/PG reserves the right to refuse any and all bids and/or entry into the auction.



·         Minimum deposit is payable only by cashier’s check made payable to yourself (your name)Prospective bidders must show that they have the required deposit with them to qualify as valid bidders.  If the winning bidder is requesting the property be held in the name of an entity such as a trust or corporation, documentation of proof of the entity's existence is required when the Offer to Purchase is signed.


·         In some instances, due to typographical errors, minimum bid dollar amounts may be incorrectly stated in our publications.  The PA/PG reserves the right to correct these errors by verbally announcing at the time of the auction correct minimum bid for any parcel or property listed on this auction flyer.


·         Sale is not contingent upon the buyer obtaining financing.  Buyer must arrange for and pay all costs pertaining to financing, including assignments, assumption fees, transfer fees and points.  Terms of sale are cash to the estate.  The PA/PG is not responsible for the payment of realtor or broker fees.


·         Property will be sold “AS IS” with no representations or warranties expressed or implied as to the condition of the property or the title thereto.  Seller assumes no responsibility or liability for any patent or latent defects, which may hereafter, be ascertained.  No termite clearance is given.  Buyers are responsible for ascertaining the zoning for each parcel.


·         In the event a property is not sold at the above date and time the unsold property may be offered for sale at the District Attorney - Public Administrator (see address above) at the minimum bid amount on the following Thursday. 


·         Some sales will be confirmed in Probate Court and are subject to overbidding at that time  (California Probate Code Sections 10310-10313).  Any exceptions to the overbid requirement will be announced at the auction sale.  The sale shall be subject to an escrow of fifty-five (55) days or less.  The escrow period is based on the opening of an escrow and not the auction/sale date.  PURSUANT TO PROBATE CODE SECTION 10350, FAILURE TO CLOSE ESCROW WILL RESULT IN BUYER BEING LIABLE FOR EXPENSES INCURRED IN RESALE AND THE DEFICIENCY SHOULD PROPERTY BE RESOLD FOR A LESSER AMOUNT.


·         Additional MOBILE HOME Information: Taxes, License, Registration, Etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.  It is suggested that persons interested in buying these mobile homes contact the park managers prior to the sale time and date, regarding retention in or removal from the park subsequent to the sale.  The unit is being sold “WHERE IS” and it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange for the mobile home remaining in its present location or having it removed as may be required.





If you are an employee of the ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR / PUBLIC GUARDIAN, ORANGE COUNTY COUNSEL, ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY OR ORANGE COUNTY HEALTH CARE AGENCY or a CONTRACTOR with one of these COUNTY DEPARTMENTS, certain code Sections might preclude your bidding on and purchase of property sold at an ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR / PUBLIC GUARDIAN auction.  A relative who is acting on behalf of such a party might also be precluded.  Please consult with your private attorney prior to any such bid or purchase if you believe that you fit into one of these categories.

WARNING: The applicable code sections include CRIMINAL and CIVIL PENALTIES AND PROHIBITIONS in addition to other code sections.