Probation Community Action Association (PCAA)

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Established in September 1993, the Probation Community Action Association is a private, non-profit support group to the Orange County Probation Department. It assists the Probation Department by helping youth and rebuilding families. The PCAA and Probation have become a "winning team" and encourage other Orange County residents to join in the battle to reduce youth crime and violence.

Ongoing PCAA Projects

Significant projects undertaken by the Probation Community Action Association (PCAA):

Family Assistance Fund

This is a special project of PCAA where we can really show the "Heart of Probation" to at-risk and victim families. Daily we receive requests for clothing for school and employment, household needs, utility bills, and rent caps and gowns for a youth's graduation, among many other requests. Nighty-eight percent of all donations go directly to the need. We thank you for making a difference in the lives of others!

County Island Story Times Prevention Program

(County Islands are unincorporated Orange County communities surrounded by cities)

  • El Modena Story time in Orange
  • La Colonia Story time in Anaheim
  • Midway City

Each story time has a volunteer reader. They read and sign personal copies of the book that are given to each child to keep to take home. Books are donated by individuals and businesses. Statistics show that most gang members fall behind in school in reading in the second grade. This program encourages reading and exposes children to a variety of books. As an extension of this program, PCAA is in the process of improving the existing libraries at the community centers.

"Get a Clue - No Tattoo" Prevention Program

This new PCAA Prevention Program will provide personal testimonies to youth and teens to keep them from gang affiliations.

Tattoo Removal Program

"A New Beginning" -- Visible tattoos are removed with state-of-the art laser treatment so people can secure employment and have a new beginning in life.

"Hard Floor - No More"

Families do not have room for beds, so the youth sleep on the floor. This PCAA project will provide sleeping bags for the youth at the 8% Youth and Family Resource Centers and the County Island Centers.

Heart and Sole

The PCAA Staff and Probation Officers while interacting with young children, often see the critical need for a new pair of shoes. Toes are poking through the top, or there are no soles left on the shoes. This is a very embarrassing situation for a young child or youth. As well as receiving donations to this fund, you may also purchase gift certificates from a shoe store and we will distribute them. Your donation to this program enables PCAA to provide new shoes for these precious children and grateful youth.

PCAA "Fresh Food Fund"

Often families go without fresh food for weeks at a time. Food banks usually do not provide fresh foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, meats, vegetables, fruit etc. The PCAA Fresh Food Fund provides families with these important, and much needed nutritional items.

Adopt-A-Family "Giving from the Heart"

This PCAA project enables the community to share with others during the Holidays. Individuals or businesses can "Adopt-A-Family" and give special gifts and food for a holiday to remember! This project begins in October.

Lobby Book Project

Children in the Probation Department lobby in Santa Ana are delighted to be read to, and then given a book to keep by the PCAA Staff. The lobby at the Probation Department can be a frightening place for a young child. Often the wait with parents is lengthy. This program encourages reading in children and shows a positive, caring side of the Probation Department.

PCAA "County Island Computer Team"

Over 55 computers have been repaired, programmed and delivered to three County Island centers. Educational and job skills are developed by youths and adults. We accept donated computers and monitors.

Why Join the Probation Community Action Association?

The Probation Community Action Association provides an opportunity for everyday citizens to get involved helping turn around young lives often bent on criminality and self-destruction, so they can grow into productive members of society.

Below are some of the "team benefits" of PCAA membership:

  • Opportunities to understand and see the criminal justice system "from the inside out" through tours of Probation facilities and viewing presentations on new criminal justice programs.
  • Receiving our newsletter, The Heart of Probation, which details the activities of PCAA's involvement in the community.
  • Opportunities to attend Luncheons throughout the county with great speakers. You can meet other PCAA members and supporters.
  • Volunteer opportunities to work one-on-one with juveniles on probation who desperately need good role models, tutors, and someone to take an interest in them.
  • Knowledge that you, simply by your membership, help to support anti-crime and anti-delinquency programs right here in Orange County.

Annual membership dues are $75 per person (includes immediate family) or $250 per business or private organization and are tax-deductible. To join, please contact Probation Community Action Association (PCAA). PCAA's IRS tax identification number is 33-0593079.

PCAA Activities

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