Internship Application Procedures

Although internships with the County of Orange are unpaid positions, they do provide an excellent experience in a professional setting for students and recent graduates.

Please review the following information and email your resume, letter of interest or cover letter and unofficial transcript to Please do not include a writing sample or sample portfolio unless that information is specifically requested in the position description. If you include an objective statement in your resume, please create a statement that relates to the internship or internships that you are seeking.

Your letter of interest or cover letter is a key component in achieving a meaningful internship experience:

  • It provides an opportunity to elaborate upon details that are usually just listed in a resume.
  • It demonstrates written communication skills and style.
  • It allows a more in-depth discussion of career goals, personal interests, academic accomplishments, community involvement, etc.
  • It assists County managers in matching applicants with internship opportunities that complement individual career and academic goals.

When preparing your letter of interest or cover letter, consider the following options:

  • Click here to check out the County’s website to gain insight into the structure and operations of County government.
  • Keep the letter’s content and format professional as you demonstrate your individual writing style and introduce yourself to the reader.
  • Discuss career and academic goals and personal interests.
  • Share your expectations of the internship experience, including what you’d like to accomplish; what issues/projects/assignments are of particular interest; and what skills, knowledge and expertise you hope to gain.

Additional information that MUST be included as a supplemental document is listed below:

  • Position title (Each position requires a separate cover letter or letter of interest.)
  • Computer skills (be specific)
  • Bilingual skills
  • Grade level, expected graduation date and GPA
  • Classes taken that relate to the internship you are applying for
  • Number of hours that you can schedule each week
  • Approximate date (or dates) that you can start the internship
  • Preferred duration of internship (How many months?)
  • Days and timeframes available to schedule internship hours
  • Address where you will reside while completing the internship. (if different from address listed on resume.)
  • Please specify whether or not you will receive academic credit through your college/university for the internship. (We don't require that applicants receive academic credit, and many students complete the internship for personal/professional growth rather than academic credit.)
  • Please specify if you are an international student.


Jeff Hentzen, Volunteer/Intern Program Manager
County of Orange, Human Resource Services
333 West Santa Ana Boulevard
Santa Ana, CA 92701-4062
Phone: (714) 834-2892