Law Intern

Law Intern Position Description

Position Title:

Law Intern - County Counsel   (unpaid position)

Post bar applicants may be considered for this position.  Once someone passes the bar and is sworn in, he/she is no longer eligible for this position.

Name and Location of Agency/Department Requesting Law Intern:

County of Orange
Office of the County Counsel
Mental Health/Probate Section
Santa Ana, CA 92702

Functions of Agency/Department:

County Counsel provides legal advice and representation to the County Board of Supervisors and County Agencies/Departments.  Law interns provide volunteer service in County Counsel's Probate/Mental Health Section. This section offers legal advice and representation to the Public Administrator/Public Guardian.  It also represents mental health facilities in certain types of legal hearings concerning involuntary commitment and authorization to administer psychotropic medication.

Law Intern Duties/Responsibilities:

The law intern will telephonically interview mental health facility personnel and prepare written summaries of patients’ mental health status.  Additional duties include assembling files, photocopying, filing and other tasks as needed.

The law intern may also prepare subpoenas and monitor the status of pending cases.  Other duties may include reviewing court files and medical records and assisting in case research involving neglected or abused senior citizens or decedents' estates.

Educational Requirements:

Law school students interested in mental health may apply. 

Skills, Training or Qualifications:

Ideal candidates demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills and are capable of writing summaries, completing assignments in a timely manner and gathering relevant information through telephonic interviews.

Time Commitment:

A minimum of 12 - 18 hours per week, minimum two days per week for two - six months.   

Benefits Available to Law Intern:

Although this is an unpaid position that does not lead to employment or include employee benefits, benefits include the opportunity to be a part of a team of public attorneys and legal support staff working on matters of human importance to the community. Additionally, the position is an opportunity to observe court trials, be involved in court preparation and gain insight into the operation and interplay between the mental health and legal systems.
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