Orange County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Orange County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) functions as the communication and coordination center for both the County and  Operational Area emergency response organization and disaster preparedness, providing a central point for coordinating operational, administrative, and support needs of the county and Operational Area Members.  It also assists in coordination and communication between Mutual Aid Coordinators and the state Office of Emergency Services during county-wide and state-wide emergency response and recovery operations.

The Orange County EOC can be used to gather and process information to and from the County, cities, school and special districts, business and industry, volunteer organizations, individuals, and state and federal government agencies. It has the ability to function as a virtual EOC so that Operational Area Members may communicate between EOCs without co-location.

In addition, the EOC may become responsible for managing the tactical operations of regional resources designed to more efficiently use the pooled resources of Operational Area Members or external resources to benefit the Operational Area as a whole.