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The County of Orange invites you to explore the County’s budget and financial information. Compare budget to actuals using the Open $ Data Tool; view Strategic Financial Plan and budget documents; and access annual financial reports, debt information, and employee compensation and contracts. If you have questions about the information on this site, link to AccessOC for assistance. Select “Government” and then “Budget and Finance” to submit your question.

Open $ Data Tool

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Go inside the County’s finances with a new, interactive data tool. View, explore, research and analyze data – current and past – with graphs and charts.



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Find documents including the Strategic Financial Plan, recommended budget, annual budget, and quarterly reports.

Public Finance

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Access information about the County’s credit ratings, continuing disclosure, debt program and the Public Financing Advisory Committee.


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The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report provides details of the County's financial position and activities, in adherence with government reporting requirements.

OC Citizens’ Report (PAFR)

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Created for the public by the Auditor-Controller, this provides the County’s financial condition, analyzes revenues and expenses, and reports demographics.


Employee Compensation

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County of Orange employee compensation figures and employee contracts are available here in an Excel spread sheet, as part of the public record.



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County of Orange contracts $25,000 and under and retroactive contracts as part of the public record and in accordance with Board of Supervisors directives.