What CPT code should an MD use when they assess a client over the phone for a refill?
Since this was a telephone based service the med support code to be used is 90899-8. The reason is that the other code (90862) requires a face-to-face service. In the insurance world outside of the county no telephone services are billable at this time. MD's may be choosing the case management code for the reason that they think that there is no legitimately billable med services code. They are right for the most part. But the reason we created the 90899-8 code is because in the insurance world of the county a non face-to-face service is billable as a medical service. We had to create a code that does not exist in the insurance world outside of the county in order to bill for that type of non face-to-face service. The 90889-8 code is okay.
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