When an MD reviews lab results, what code is used?
It is suggested that Medication Services Codes could also be used. For example the MD could use a blank progress note and use the PIP format. For example: 

  • Problem: Minor needs laboratory tests to meet goal of CSP for medication management services. (For instance minor needs lab tests to assure health status or monitor safety while taking medication etc.) 
  • Intervention: Lab tests ordered and/or received. 
  • Plan: Continue or change medications services based on results of the lab tests.
In our system the code could be 90899-8 if the minor is not present. 

Otherwise if the labs review is part of the regular face-to-face appointment, then any of the codes for that type of an appointment could be used and the lab information can be put onto the Med Record form and follow that template. There is already a place on the Med Record to indicate the results of lab tests.

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