Can an MD bill for seeing and prescribing medication prior to the court giving authorization? I saw several today where the MD saw the client a few times then they completed the form to the court and it was approved several weeks later.
There is not a problem. A billable medication support note is not only tied to prescribing medication. It just has to be a legitimate medical service provided by an MD or a nurse. The services could be as simple as the MD evaluating the status of a minor in preparation for making a diagnosis or gathering information about whether medical treatment is appropriate or any factors that might effect the decision to provide medical treatment. It could even be the MD documenting that medical treatment is indicated but is being held up while waiting for court approval etc. If the minor is a dependent, there may already be a court consent that the MD knows about, even if that is not in the chart. If the already existing consent covers the medications the MD is prescribing then that covers what the MD is doing. It is also possible to start medication if the MD has checked the emergency box on the court consent form, even though the court has not given formal approval.
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