Can clinicians bill Medi-Cal for travel time from one provider site to another provider site? How about from a staff person’s residence to a provider site? Or from a staff’s home to a client’s home?

To bill Medi-Cal, travel time must be from a provider site to an off-site location(s) where Medi-Cal specialty mental health services are delivered. Therefore, Medi-Cal cannot be billed for travel time between provider sites or from a staff member’s residence to a provider site. Just a reminder, if a clinician travels to and from a Medi-Cal site then a Non-Billable Travel time code could be used. 

Example: A clinician travels from Medi-cal site A to Medi-cal site B to provide a group therapy service. Travel time to any certified Medi-Cal site is to be coded as non-billable travel time. In this situation, you would need to put the non-billable travel time in the box with the correct CPT code for non-billable travel and not in the above box next to the documentation time where you usually put billable travel time. 

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