What are the fees associated with becoming an EMT?
  1. LiveScan Providers will charge a fee for the electronic fingerprinting.  Generally, law enforcement agencies are less expensive than private providers but may have limited hours, etc. 
  2. CEU providers will charge a fee for the Orange County Expanded Scope Accreditation course.
  3. CA EMT Certification Card, State Initial Certification  $75.00 (One Time) plus =  $35.00 Orange County Fee
  4. CA EMT State Recertification Fee $37.00  plus Orange County Fee $35
  5. OCEMS EMT Accreditation Card  $40.00 – 1 year

So, for example, if you apply online as a new EMT graduate and also wish to have Orange County Accreditation, you will be charged a $75 state fee, $35 Orange County Fee and $40 for the one-year Accreditation card for a total of $150. 

If you are an out-of-county CA EMT who just needs an Orange County Accreditation Card, you will be charged $40 for  one year. The Orange County Accreditation Card expiration will expire when the California State Cards expires. We don’t prorate fees, Example: If you apply for an Accreditation card and pay the $40 fee in July 2013 and your State EMT card expires in November 2013 you will have to re-apply for the Accreditation card and pay the accreditation fee again.

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