What do I have to do to open a food facility and obtain a health permit?

If you buy an existing food facility and do not change the building or the equipment, call 714-433-6000 to find the inspector for your area. Make an appointment with the inspector for a health-permit inspection. The inspector will have you fill out a health permit application. This information is necessary to issue a health permit to you. The permit is only valid for the person, location and type of food sales listed on the permit application. The permits are non-transferable.

If you plan to build or remodel a food facility, it is necessary to submit three copies of detailed plans and specifications to Orange County Environmental Health. These plans must be approved by the Plan Check and Construction Section before you begin work. When you receive approval on the plans, you may begin construction. Contact your plan checker when the project is 75% to 80% completed for a preliminary construction inspection. Upon completion of the construction, contact your plan checker for a final inspection. You need final approval prior to opening for business. For more information, call 714-433-6074.

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