I’ve been told that I need to notify the CUPA prior to testing. What are the notification requirements?

UST owners and/or operators are responsible for notifying Environmental Health (CUPA) of UST testing at least 48 hours prior to testing. This notification allows Environmental Health (CUPA) staff the opportunity to witness the testing. Many testing companies may provide regulatory agency notification as a courtesy service to their clients, but the tank owner and/or operator is ultimately responsible for notification.

Environmental Health (CUPA) accepts notifications via email, fax, and regular mail. Email is preferable, as it allows for easy tracking and reduces paper usage. Confirmation of receipt is provided to all email notifications. Notification may be submitted to any of the following:

The 48-hour requirement does not include weekends and holidays. Failure to notify Environmental Health (CUPA) of UST testing may result in the necessity of a retest.

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