How soon will hospitals and clinics be available following a disaster such as an earthquake or firestorm?
Medical disaster experts feel that it will very much depend on the size or extent of the disaster and how much it impacts the local community around the hospital or health facility. For example, if the hospital or clinic is near the earthquake's epicenter, you can be sure that hospital staff and officials will be busy with the care and well being of those patients already in the hospital. Disaster victims with non-life threatening needs who arrive at medical facilities following a disaster may have to wait some length of time to be attended to. Of course, those most severely injured will be taken care of first.

Every year the hospitals in Orange County unite with fire departments, ambulance companies, the American Red Cross and other private and government agencies to exercise the mass casualty plan for our community. Cooperation for the good of the many is everyone’s goal. Despite our County’s excellent medical disaster preparedness status, the advice of the experts is still very clear; personal medical disaster preparedness today, will save suffering and resources in a time of crisis.
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