I want to build a wall. Do I need permits?

It depends on the height and location of your wall. There are two different sets of regulations with which your wall must comply: structural and zoning.
For structural purposes the wall should not be retaining and should not exceed six (6) feet in height. For additional information on structural requirements please see the following handout structural wall handout.

For zoning purposes the maximum height shall be three and one-half (3½) feet within any required front setback area and six (6) feet within any rear or side setback area (through which no vehicular access is taken) adjoining a street, up to a maximum depth of twenty (20) feet per Zoning Code section 7-9-137.5 (b).

If you are unsure of your property’s zoning please Email the address with your request for additional information or call (714) 667-8888.

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