The Santa Ana River is an environmentally sensitive area. What types of precautions will be taken to protect wildlife?

The Santa Ana River and its shoreline are home to numerous threatened or endangered species, including the Santa Ana sucker, the least Bell's vireo, the southwestern willow flycatcher, and the California gnatcatcher. To protect these birds and fish, safeguard their habitat and diminish any impacts, OC Flood Control District and its project partners, Orange County Sanitation District and the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, have developed a comprehensive wildlife monitoring and protection plan.

Qualified biologists, who will monitor the construction sites throughout the Santa Ana River Interceptor Relocation Project, are the cornerstone of the plan. Their focus is to identify the presence or absence of any threatened or endangered species within the construction area, determine whether additional protection measures should be implemented, and confirm project compliance with permit requirements.

Protection measures include working only in daylight hours during the nesting season, removing riparian habitat only if necessary, and, if breeding sensitive species are found, installing sound baffling around construction sites where noise impacts are greater than 60 dBA, or the sound of a running dishwasher.

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